Conférence « De la couleur à la lumière. Réflexions sur Kandinsky »

Conférence « De la couleur à la lumière. Réflexions sur Kandinsky » au colloque international Kandinsky et le théâtre performance. Dialogues avec l’art contemporain organisé par Nadia Podzemskaia (CNRS, France). Langues : russe, allemand, français, anglais. Traduction simultanée. 25 et 26 novembre 2017 au Théâtre MKhAT, Moscou, Russie.

Charlotte Beaufort

Reflections on Light Art and Kandinsky’s Stage Compositions

In the context of the avant-gardes of the 1910s and 1920s, the visual arts and the performing arts were fertile ground for inter-artistic crossovers and experimentations beyond the limits set by the conceptual and institutional categories of the age. However radically innovative it may have been, the artistic research carried out by artists such as Kandinsky, Kupka and Delaunay was made possible under certain prevailing conditions: the inheritance of Goethe’s Naturphilosophie, of German Romanticism, the Bauhaus, the invention and development of electricity and so forth… One century later, one must admit how immensely influential all these experiments have been in the visual and performing arts, and that they in their turn have made it possible for new works to emerge that further question the limits of the arts and the fixed definition of media. Such is the historical backdrop of light art against which I will describe my own artistic research about light as a material and a medium. I will show how my artistic practice, from the performing arts to the visual arts, raises questions about light, but also about color, form, writing, scores, synaesthesia, perception, phenomena, simultaneity and succession which—consciously or not—agree with or extend the research on light led by Kandinsky and Delaunay.